Translating and Interpreting Services

What we offer

Translations, sworn translations and interpreting services for nearly all languages

Fast and efficient turnaround times

Due consideration of cost factors and optimization of the translation process combined with high quality and attention to detail

Consistent use of CAT tools ensuring consistent terminology

Compliance with the file formats required by the client (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Adobe PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign, etc.)

Fast response times (including evenings and weekends)

Fixed-price estimates in advance and discounts for text repetitions

Quality assurance: content, language and revision of the final product

Our duty of care

Selecting a native-speaker translator based on the results of a test translation and demonstrable qualifications

Due regard of specialities: technical translations, for instance, are done by engineers and proficient qualified translators, contracts are translated by lawyers and advertising material by marketing specialists, etc.

Maintaining control over all aspects of the translation process, from selecting the translator to the final revision of the document

Reduced risk of default: if a translator / interpreter is unable to complete the project through no fault of his or her own, we ensure a replacement is secured